Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Around the end of February a dog showed up and decided to live on our back porch. It's a nice dog, but we didn't want a dog. A month later she gave birth to 10 puppies. So we went from the perfect number of dogs (0) to having 11 of them...


One of the puppies died early on, likely it was too small to get fed by mom. My dear wife buried it and now we are down to 10 dogs. While we really don't want any of these dogs, the puppies _are_ cute. We shot a little video of them, and you can see it here:

9 Puppies @ 4 Weeks!

Be warned, this video is big, around 30MB. I didn't make it for online distribution, but people have asked to see the little guys. They are way more active now than they were in this video. They are actually a lot of fun.

No we aren't keeping them.


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M C said...

Cool video. I was wondering what those puppies looked like. Look like they will be big to me.