Monday, July 9, 2007

And now for something completely different...

If you are a mac user, you should pay attention to this:

Shareware developers work hard, and they create great stuff. Oftentimes, they make very little money. One of the hardest things for them to do is to get people to try their stuff, as if it is somehow not "legit" because they don't have a big company with software for sale in the Apple store.

But oftentimes they make really great stuff. A while back there was an event called "MacHeist" that was a ten day software sale. They sold about $350 worth of software for around $50 or so, and it was very successful.

Well, another company has taken their idea and run with it, doing a similar sale. There are great products offered here:

SRS iWOW - This is an audio plug-in for iTunes, designed to help your music sound better. My music sounds great, but I have Klipsch iFi speakers on my machine. Not everyone has great speakers, and this might help you get better sound of of your mac. UPDATE: Um, this plugin rocks, to put it mildly. I have great speakers, but this plugin really makes things sound great at the volumes I tend to play stuff in my office.

Garage Sale - Ever find that listing stuff for sale on ebay is a pain? This is a great product that puts a mac-like interface on creating an auction.

Cocktail - Easy access to a bunch of unix functions for your mac.

ProfCast - This allows you to create podcasts with video that comes from a keynote presentation (I think it also works with powerpoint if you must). Nice idea!

Amadeus Pro - This is a multi-track sound recorder and editor. Bills itself as a great way to transfer your records to CD...

Fetch - Now this is one of the apps that was personally exciting (yes I'm a geek). Fetch is a great FTP client that has been around for eons. If you've ever tried to do FTP from the finder, you know that OSX's FTP support blows.

Graphic Converter - This program is really handy when someone sends you a picture or graphic in a file you cant' read. Graphic Converter reads 199 different file formats! (and translates them to 80 more common formats...)

Then, if there are enough sales of all of this, there are three bonus apps that kick in depending on how many sales are made. The first is Little Snitch, a program that is designed to prevent programs from "phoning home" on you. The second is Intaglio, which is a drawing and illustration app. The final is Tech Tool Pro, which is usually $100 on its own. If there are 10,000 people who buy the bundle, we all get TTP as part of our $50 purchase price!

Ok, so you are bored, and you can't figure out why I'm pimping shareware. Well, I'm doing it because I like to see people create innovate apps for the mac. If this interests you, go
to buy it. A word about that link: The original people who did this was a group called "MacHeist" and they have decided to try to hijack MacUpdates theft of their idea. What they have done is they are splitting the referral fee with you, so you get even more stuff for the same money. Go through MacHeist and you get four more apps or so.

Now back to your regularly scheduled theology rants...


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renewingmind said...

I realize it's odd to leave a comment on your own blog... BUT I have noticed that SRS sounds really good for rock and jazz, but I don't like it for classical.

It's interesting how subjective good sound can be. The speakers I have are very "flat" in that they provide a very natural sound curve. They sound really good, but the audio stuff that the SRS plugin does makes rock and jazz sound "better" even though it is less natural. The problem with classical is that it doesn't respond to such tweaks nearly as well...

So I leave it on bypass if I'm listening to classical music. Incidentally, classical music is also where the compression of MP3 & AAC becomes most apparent...