Monday, October 5, 2009

ChMS - RefreshCache Day 1

Today we are at RefreshCache 2009. This is a gathering of Arena developer churches that is the brain child of Nick Airdo at CCCEV. There are a good number of churches here and we are talking about the technical details of developing for Arena. We started the day with Nick giving us a challenge to lead and think about the community as a whole, and then have been delving into some very technical topics. We've talked about Jquery, Semantic Web, XSLT and other such topics.

We showed off the family registration and check-in management, as well as the iphone app. Now we are looking at the excellent check-in monitoring modules developed by Southeast Christian.

On the whole I love the idea of this gathering. Arena churches that are actively developing getting together to work collaboratively on projects and share expertise with one another.

Lots more to come for the day. Good times!


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