Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This morning it was 24 degrees. The Jeep was so cold that the doors wouldn't open or close properly. Once we got them open, we couldn't get them to shut. My truck suspension made horrible sounds when I sat down, probably as ice shattered and such. Getting the door open was a challenge, and I never was able to get the passenger door open. I had to scrape all of my windows.

The year started with the largest snow we've had in 30+ years in the desert.

And on the radio this morning I heard that the copenhagen summit announced 2009 as the warmest year on record. How stupid do these clowns think we are?

First off, I think everyone should read this.

The governments were making a lot of noise about a coming ice age thirty years ago. Honestly, that's what it feels like at my house right now...

Then we have the east anglia emails. They show collusion among scientists to modify data and skew research to support their conclusions. They are quite frustrated by the fact that global warming cannot be shown by the data even though they are convinced it exists. Sounds more like a cult than a scientific community to me...

Now if you still thing "ok, these guys are cretins but the earth is still warming despite the fact that I am currently buried in a snow drift" then read this.

One of things that has come to light through all of this is that the raw climate data has been "lost" but the "value added" (read: modified) data is what we use. Value added? IT'S DATA! You dont' "add value" to data, you use it for your experiments.

The climate "scientists" espousing global warming are no better than the leaders of heaven's gate who told their people that they all needed to commit suicide to catch a ride on a spaceship trailing the hale bopp comet.

What annoys the snot out of me is that I have been saying this all along: Reducing pollution is good for all of us! It makes the air better, gives back our view of nature, makes it easier to breathe, and is just all around a good idea. But if you make stuff up to try to force this issue, you are going to eventually have to pay the piper and you are going to torpedo the exact cause you are trying to help. That is exactly what is happening right now.

As for the Copenhagen summit, don't even get me started. Forget that they are intentionally putting something together that will keep the poor nations poor, or their amazing hypocrisy in traveling in limos and private jets to go to a conference to tell all of us that we need to pollute less. The whole thing is based on a sham perpetrated by people who ought to be criminally prosecuted for their deception.


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Channel Surfer said...

It seems the financial worlds lack of morals has spread to the sciences. When did we stop looking for the truth?