Monday, August 23, 2010


I recently finished up reading Markings by Dag Hammarskjold. This book is not the type of book you can read quickly. This book requires you to read a bit and ponder, and then maybe read it again. I can usually read a book in one or two nights, I read this on and off for months. In fact I have blogged from it before, on contentment.

This book contains verses, poetry, quick thoughts and ruminations on life and God and the interaction between the two. It's difficult to review this book, because it reads so differently depending on the state of mind you are in. Many times various things in here struck me. I'd like to share a couple of them here:

Thou who art over us,
Thou who art one of us,
Thou who art--
Also within us,
May all see Thee--in me also,
May I prepare the way for Thee,
May I thank Thee for all that shall fall to my lot,
May I also not forget the needs of others,
Keep me in Thy love
As Thou wouldest that all should be kept in mine.
May everything in this my being be directed to Thy glory
And may I never despair.
For I am under Thy hand,
And in Thee is all power and goodness.

Give me a pure heart--that I may see Thee,
A humble heart--that I may hear Thee,
A heart of love--that I may serve Thee,
A heart of faith--that I may abide in Thee.


The first time I read that page I blazed right on by, the second time it hit me hard. This is a great prayer, that others would see Christ in us, that we would thank Him for everything, good and bad, that comes our way, and that we would think of others. That everything we do would be directed to His glory!

Another passage that spoke to me deeply:

"The best and most wonderful thing that can happen to you in this life, is that you should be silent and let God work and speak."
   Long ago, you gripped me, Slinger. Now into the storm. Now towards your target.


Simple, yet profound. That is the best way to describe this book. I've read chapters multiple times, and had different things strike me each time through. I really enjoyed Markings, but it's definitely not for everyone one. As for me, I'm pretty confident I'll read it again, and relatively soon.


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