Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We went to see this today as a family with my parents, my sister and her kids. Taking ten people to a movie is always an adventure, but we pulled it off and even got there on time! The movie was presented in 3D, which is mostly pointless with a movie filmed in 2D, but it did add a nice sense of depth to the picture. At first though it makes everything feel rather unreal, which I don't care for. It was only showing in 3D nearby, but I really think we would have been just as happy without the glasses and effects.

Our whole family enjoyed the film quite a bit, which is the point of a movie in the first place. Although it does stray from the book quite a bit, it makes for a good movie without forsaking the source material. The story is well told, and at the end of the film I felt that this movie best captured the essence and feel of a Narnia book better than the other two that proceeded it.

The character of Eustace was very well played. Additionally, the changes made in relationship to the dragon in the story were much better suited to film, and gave the character a sense of purpose and participation in the overall adventure.

On the whole I really enjoyed this film, and it is absolutely one that will end up in our library. It was a significant improvement over Prince Caspian. Worth taking the family to see.


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