Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ministry comes in all shapes and sizes

last night it was green and chunky!

Our youth team put on a fantastic yearly kickoff last night. Hundreds of kids were there to see the show, participate in worship, and hear a challenge from a great speaker. The night began with a video created by the youth team that kicked of the live event. In the video the team is riding horses, and to tie it all together we had a horse on stage.

While not officially part of the event, I was here because my daughter was in the audience, and my friend asked me to be in charge of "horse safety" meaning that if the horse got too nervous I was to help get it out of the building. Part of that was moving curtains etc. Not a big deal. I wasn't really dressed for the occasion, but my son showed up with a cowboy hat for me, and grabbing my trench coat from my office meant I fit right in (I'm always wearing boots, that wasn't an issue).

We quickly learned why you don't generally see live animals on stage. Lets just say that they have an amazing sense of timing on when they should "let loose the almighty thunder" from the hindquarters. The horse was on stage for maybe 15 minutes, but I found myself cleaning up the "output" twice in those fifteen minutes. I'm sure the kids loved it, and for me it was a pleasure to be part of the event, even if it wasn't exactly a glamorous role...

You never know what shape ministry will take. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter as long as God is glorified and lives are changed. I was happy to be part of it, even if it didn't smell all that great!


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