Saturday, May 5, 2007

Is it possible to have too much coffee?

Today I went to the SCAA national conference in Long Beach. SCAA is the Specialty Coffee Association of America. I have no idea how much coffee I drank, but I tried coffee from Thailand (woof!), El Salvador, Brazil, Kenya, and what seemed like a hundred other countries. We looked at roasters, bags, teas and a million other things. In between all of the caffeine from the coffee we had chocolate, just to be sure we didn't fall asleep.

Needless to say if I ever get to sleep tonight it will be a miracle. On the whole the show was a good experience, but I think I enjoyed the smaller, more homey feel of Coffee Fest last year in Las Vegas. One of the things church tasked me with was finding Tea. I think I will be successful there. I made plenty of good connections, the trick is choosing one.

I feel like writing more, but I have nothing to say. My stomache is reeling from the effects of all the coffee, followed with a nice steak dinner at Northwoods Inn. It was all great, but I'm stuffed and jittery...



Porthos said...

The answer to this post's title is "YES".

Carl said...

Did you run into my neighborhood Roaster of the Year?

I should send you some -- how would you describe your favorite region/type/roasting level?