Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Don't they have computers?

The MItt Romney campaign called my house FIVE times yesterday. The McCain campaign called three times.

Call me crazy, but it seems like the Romney campaign spent five times the money they should have on getting their message out to my household, and the McCain campaign spent three times as much as they should have.

Don't these guys have computers? It's a fairly simple process to sort a database by phone number and remove duplicates. Five phone calls is inexcusable. Will they be this wasteful when the actual presidential campaign comes?

I also heard on the radio that the Indian tribes spent $160 MILLION to convince California to let them put in an additional 17,000 slot machines. Last I checked, gambling was illegal in this state. Why would we allow one racial group to run casinos and nobody else? This is madness. But people will vote for them because the promise is there of "free" money for the state. Nevermind the gambling addicts and poor people who will squander their money there and then drain the system because they can't stop wasting it at casinos.

Regardless of all the annoyances, I did go vote already today. And all those phone calls were wasted on me :-)


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