Thursday, January 22, 2009

ChMS - Hooo Boy!

For years our online giving has been processed by a company called signusup2give. Unfortunately, today we received an email stating that they were ceasing operations in exactly one week.

One week.

In one week over 20% of the church income goes away unless we come up with a new solution.

And that is why I'm still at work tonight at 7:30, and won't be going home anytime soon.

We were planning to replace the product with something that integrated directly with Arena, but we were holding off on that for a little while as we got everything else up and running. Now we have to get it done, and oh by the way can we announce it to the church on saturday night...


The list of big things that we have replaced or brought online in the last six months just got longer. I'll let you know how this turns out, and how long it takes to bring up the web portal of arena, integrate it with online giving, and get over 800 people to move from the old system to the new one.



Porthos said...

NO WAY!!! Dude, that totally blows.

PayPal? ;-)

Dan Chhan said...


Let me know if you need any help we have fairly easy donor form that can help in the interim. Have a great night!

Dan Chhan

Marc Breda said...

At least you recieved and email. We still haven't and switched to a different company last week after people started calling us with problems.

renewingmind said...

No email is even worse... CashLinq bailed us out with a short term solution (props to them) and we are almost done with the Arena integration for PayFlow Pro. The new API for PFP required a re-write of the Arena integration. We can't use the old API because it doesn't work with 64 bit windows, which our server is running... This reminds me of why we use a combination of macosx and linux everywhere else. But, my IT guy is amazing, and re-wrote the entire integration package over the weekend. We are now testing it.