Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eastern European New Years

We have some good friends from Romania. This year we celebrated New Years with them in an eastern european fashion. What that means is that we started about 6pm, and have been eating ever since. At 3AM they served another round of food, in this case strawberry crepes! It is currently 5am, and the kitchen has been cleared to prep for breakfast...

Around midnight we sang a song, and they asked me to do something, so I read Psalms 98 and Isaiah 65 (the second half) and talked a bit about new beginnings and how God is faithful and has an amazing future in store for us. I then was privileged to pray for the group and got to usher in the new year in prayer. How cool is that!

It's been a really fun night. Great food, great friends, great ministry, great music, great wine, the whole nine yards! I'm looking forward to great breakfast...


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