Friday, March 13, 2009


Aaron Roohk was my friend. On Saturday he went home to be with the Lord after a long fight with brain cancer and the resultant infections. I first met Aaron around 1990 while at Biola University. We quickly became good friends. During one of our years at Biola, we went to Norm's diner every Sunday night for the whole year. We would go in around 10pm, get the same waitress (Josie), and order up "two eggs any style" or whatever else struck our fancy. We talked about everything under the sun.

Aaron was a dreamer. He always had something cooking, whether it was a new idea for a charity, a high end apartment complex or some other business idea. He owned more cars in his life than most people own toothbrushes. I lost count a long time ago. But he always came back to BMW's and Ford Explorers. He loved to talk technology. From computers, to tv's, to stereos, to surround sound, you name it, he was into it.

Aaron was a guy who would drop everything to meet you for lunch when you needed him. I know. He was also the most connected person I've ever met. He would constantly be on his cellphone, glancing at text messages, and talking to people.

Just the other day a friend and I were talking about a car, and the idea of resurrecting it in another friend's backyard, and Dave says to me "You know who I really want to talk to about this? Aaron." It was a sad moment for both of us because he was completely right. It was a conversation that Aaron would have loved.

Aaron was in my wedding. He is now the second person in that group to pass away in the last twelve months. Although I miss them, I am grateful that I will see them both again in the presence of God.


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