Monday, August 3, 2009

16 Years

July 31 was our 16th anniversary. 16 years ago Patty said "I do" and life changed forever. These 16 years have been the best years of my life. I am grateful to God for the family he gave me, and grateful to Patty for what a wonderful wife she has been all these years.

Over these years we've:
- lived in one apartment and three houses in four different cities.
- had two wonderful children.
- had the privilege of serving at two great churches
- developed many great friendships
- driven across the country from california to virginia
- gone to hawaii, guam and yap as a family
- developed our own holiday traditions
- experienced joy and heartbreak innumerable times
- buried a parent
- loved
- been loved
- and the list goes on.

When we first got married people would say "how to you like being married?" to which I would reply "I highly recommend it!"

I still do. My wife rocks.


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Anonymous said...

Your wife DOES rock! And so do you buddy! Congratulations guys!