Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vin Scully can read my wife's mind!

During tonight's dodger game Hiroki Kuroda, the dodger pitcher was hit in the head by a line drive and seriously injured. My whole family was watching the game, and we were all deeply concerned. After a few minutes of chatter and watching him be attended to by the trainer and other personnel, Patty says "I wonder if he is married"

Vin Scully replies: If you are wondering, Kuroda is married and has two daughters.

A few minutes pass and the game is about to resume.

Patty: What do they do about the batter?

Vin Scully: That is ruled as a ground rule double in case you wonder about such things right now.

We start to laugh, and remark about how good Vin Scully really is. He has been doing this so long he can anticipate what his audience wants to know...

Patty: Where are they going to take him? I hope they tell us before the end of the game.

Vin Scully: They have taken Kuroda to St. Josephs hospital nearby.



PS - I would assume updates on kuroda will be posted here.

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Matt said...

You know a commentator is good when he can answer the questions you ask aloud. Such an amazing knack for reporting a baseball game.

Also amazing how that determines the quality of watching a game. I can't stand watching any Angel's games because of their pompous commentator.