Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It ... Is ... FINISHED!

I am sitting in the "Garth" which is a courtyard at Fuller in the middle of Payton Hall.

I have just turned in the final exam, for the final class, of my seminar career.

I am now officially a dude with a seminary degree!

This has been a long haul, but a great one. I have learned a ton, grown, developed, and found new passions in ministry.

What's next?

Not sure about the answer to that one. I didn't do this seeking a change. I did this because I wanted to be better at what I do. I think I have accomplished that goal.

My first order of business after tonight is to make progress through the stack of books I've been dying to read.

It's a big stack, but I'm _really_ looking forward to it. Look for a lot of book reviews to show up here in short order.

I'm also toying with the idea of writing a daily devotional to keep people in the Greek & Hebrew. Too many people spend a lot of time and money studying these languages and then promptly forget it all. I have a great idea for a way to help them keep it fresh. We'll see if I have the perseverance to make that happen.

I also am hoping that without seminary in my life, I can resume my old ways of watching very little television. TV is great when you need to turn your brain off, but it's a HUGE time killer. Other than racing and a few other sports (Go Ducks!) I can do without it.


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