Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ChMS - iPad Kiosks

One of the most desirable aspects of our check-in system is that check-in works on iPads. More churches talk to us about our check-in for this feature than any other. The question that always has to be answered though is how to secure them.

Our production director found these:

Made by a company called ipadikiosk.com, they answer the question of how to secure ipads for use in a public location. They can also operate with the ipad plugged in, making them easy to use without having to charge them every week (like we do now). The whole thing is held securely in an attractive kiosk. There are three styles, two free standing and one for tabletops.

The downside is that like any well made product, they are expensive. The tabletop models are $275 each + $50 shipping and the freestanding ones are $500 each + shipping. This takes away some of the "it's cheap" appeal of the ipad, but it's still a good solution for kiosks.

We don't have any of these yet (Today was the first time I'd ever seen them) but we will consider them for our next campus which opens in September.



T-Dawg said...

This is a mount I found that I ordered to try out. I'll keep you posted on how it works for us. http://www.applelocks.com/index.php/ipadenclosure-1/ipadenclosure.html

renewingmind said...

What a great find! That's a lot cheaper than a dedicated kiosk. Let me know how you lke it!