Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Who needs social networking when facebook and twitter have it all wrapped up right?

After many false starts, it seems like Google has come up with some really cool ideas of how to make it better. Dubbed Google+ they have done some great forward thinking about how social networking should look and how to do it. See the tour here.

The first good idea is circles. The idea here is simple: You don't want to share everything with everybody. Family might want to see 900 pictures a day of your child, but your co-workers probably do not. Circles makes this possible and simple.

Huddle is another really good idea. Basically it's group chat, but if it's simple to setup it will be useful for things like agreeing on what movie to go see or where to go to dinner etc. Things that help social networking move from the internet to the real world are always good, IMHO.

Check it out!


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Channel Surfer said...

Interesting take, I've been studiously ignoring Google + but now it intrigues me.

Also, from the better late than never category, nice update on your blog design.