Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The tyranny of the urgent

I have 506 messages in my inbox, and 495 of them have send dates of May 26 or later. How does this happen? I don't think any of them are spam, so the rest require attention of some kind.

The issue is always the tyranny of the urgent. In this case I've done a wedding, rebuilt servers, upgraded our bible software and trained our teaching pastors on it (far more work than it sounds), presented a third campus budget to our board, etc. In short, it's been an extraordinarily busy couple of weeks.

The problem is that now I am stuck. Do I clean out my email box, something that is likely to take days, or do I tackle the other things on my todo list (something that is hopelessly buried on my desk which looks like my inbox). All of the emails are recent, so they really should be addressed while they are fresh. Add to that my schedule in the next two weeks and I feel that if I don't do it now, the problem will simply multiply.


I shudder to think how bad this would be if I didn't handle about 50% of my email on my iPhone.


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Nick A said...

Yeah, as tech allows you to do more - it's also allowing everyone you work with to do more (i.e. send more emails on their days off, off hours, etc)... so even though you can process 2x more email, we're now getting 5-10x more email than before.

I've often wondered: what is the human 'baud rate' limit? How much more can we do without frying something?