Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Burial

Today we buried Steve's remains. Renee wanted it done today so she didn't have to think about it after the funeral. This morning as I was getting ready I heard Marty & Stephanie singing happy birthday to Steve's dad Ev. It really hit me hard that we were burying his son on his birthday.

The burial was a very small, very private service. The pastors of Ebenezer Baptist Church were there with the combs family, marty and ev, and myself. We watched as they placed the box in the ground, and then the pastor read a few scriptures. After a prayer for the family, we sang together. We began with It is Well, then we sang My Jesus I Love thee, and we closed with When We All Get to Heaven.

What a day of rejoicing it will be.

But right now, it hurts.


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Anonymous said...

Hello Joel,
We're Greg & Jeff's parents and want you to know how much we appreciate your blog of all thats happening with Steve's passing, the services and his family. We've known and loved them for many years and you've allowed us to mourn and rejoice with you all, but from California. Please post some pictures. Thank you!
Chuck & Barbara Wolfe