Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The funeral is over. I've come home. Now the biggest problem I face is my own grieving process, and trying to re-enter normal life. Being part of a week like that is a huge rush. Everything matters. Everything is extraordinary. It's very fulfilling to be able to minister to a family and be needed constantly. On the other hand it's very draining, and that all sunk in when I got on the plane. Suddenly I was no longer "on duty" but rather now was alone with my thoughts. Whooo boy. Completely...utterly...spent.

I had absolutely nothing left. I have never been so exhausted. I basically just sat on the plane and cried. It was a very difficult trip home, even though the travel part was actually pretty easy. This whole event has profoundly impacted me. It's an odd thing, death. I deal with it far more frequently than most, working at a church. I have known many people who are now with the Lord, but none of those have affected me like this one.

And so I try to re-engage life, but I have to admit, real life is hard to get excited about after such an amazing week. But I need to remain faithful to the tasks God has for me here as well. Thanks for indulging me in this rather personal segment of my blog. Hopefully soon I'll feel up to writing something interesting again...


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