Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ChMS - Church Office Online

If you haven't already, you MUST read the summary of what we are looking for. This is critical to understand my comments. The vendors being reviewed work hard to provide a good product to serve the church, and they should be commended for that. Our needs are very specific, and just because a product isn't right for us does not mean that it isn't perfect for your church. By the same token, just because we didn't like a product does not mean it doesn't meet needs or provide genuine value to its clients. The blurb and "target market" are taken from the capterra list I referenced in my first post. Finally, my thoughts are my own and not an official position of my employer. Thank you.

Church Office Online - Church Office Online
Web based church membership solution for managing households, individuals, contributions, calendars, attendance and more. Created to fill a need of inexpensive, user friendly and accessible church management software.
Target Market: Small - Medium
Quick Summary - Website looks nice. A late entry into this comparison, the feature list looked interesting.

Level 2 Analysis:

How big? - The website shows a staff of two. No phone listed. This is a small company.
How many customers? - Unsure
How long in business? - 2005
Are they profitable? - Unsure
Technical Details - ASP, AJAX, MySQL

Volunteer Management - Don’t see any method for accountability and deligation
Web Integration - Not yet, members don’t have access
Attendance - Nice. On the surface seems complete, but no check-in systems.
Assimilation - Basic field level tracking only

Level 2 Summary - This is a neat, but young product. For example, the update released in July adds head of household to the database. The features seem pretty complete, and the overall appearance of the product is good. The overall feel is one that is targeted at smaller churches than us, but this could change over time. This is not the right product for us at this time, but it is a product to watch in coming years.

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