Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is all of this???

If you are wondering what happened to Joel's regular blog, I am sharing my research into Church Management Software. This has been an amazingly time consuming process that has dominated my life for a while. It is not done, but I'm working hard to draw it to a close. Each of these entries is about a single solution. If you have no interest in church software you can skip all of the postings that start with ChMS.

The last non-ChMS posting is here.
There will be more, I promise!

If you are coming at this mid thread, the ChMS discussion begins like this:

A serious technical detour
A quick summary of our needs

Following those two posts are 22 separate entries representing the 22 solutions I researched. The easiest way to see everything on one page is to click on the word "July" under blog archive.


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