Thursday, July 17, 2008

The House that Ruth Built

This is the last year for Yankee Stadium. After this season the Yankees will play in a new stadium being built across the street. The new stadium will be the most expensive stadium in America, and the third most expensive in the world, with a total cost of $1.3 Billion. It has a lot of cool retro features, and will do well to tie into the rich history of Yankee Stadium. But it will never be the House that Ruth Built. That stadium will be torn down.

I explained this to my wife this way: Imagine if they tore down the vatican in order to replace it with a newer more modern church. She thought that was a bit of a stretch, so I called my friend Jeremy and asked him what he thought. His take was this: Even if they were going to tear down the vatican, they wouldn't have played the all-star game there this year, so the end of Yankee Stadium is a bigger deal than that.

It's hard to argue with his logic! :-)



Anonymous said...

uh... i hate to break it to you, but they DID tear down the vatican and build a new one. ;-)

renewingmind said...

You notice that there was no all star game played there before they tore it down. That makes my case perfectly! :-)