Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ChMS - Kingdom Tools

If you haven't already, you MUST read the summary of what we are looking for. This is critical to understand my comments. The vendors being reviewed work hard to provide a good product to serve the church, and they should be commended for that. Our needs are very specific, and just because a product isn't right for us does not mean that it isn't perfect for your church. By the same token, just because we didn't like a product does not mean it doesn't meet needs or provide genuine value to its clients. The blurb and "target market" are taken from the capterra list I referenced in my first post. Finally, my thoughts are my own and not an official position of my employer. Thank you.

Kingdom Tools - Web-Based Church Management
Web based church management system gives designated users the ability to manage website, members, schedules, events, etc.
Target Market: Small - Large
Quick Summary - Deserves Further Consideration

Level 2 Analysis:

How big? - Small. I called all four extensions and got no reply on any of them. They ask that you contact them directly for more specific details.
How many customers? - Enough to be a solid company worth working with. Contact them for specifics.
How long in business? - DNS entry created in 2004
Are they profitable? - Yes.
Technical Details - MySQL, Ruby, Javascript, AJAX, DHTML

Volunteer Management - Not sure.
Web Integration - Seems good, not sure how it all works.
Attendance - Three ways, seems well thought out.
Assimilation - Flexible, define roles, processes and permissions

Level 2 Summary - No easy way to contact them on their website. Called all of the extensions and got no answer at any of them. I did get a reply via email the next day. The company is small, but seems to have a good attitude and approach. I’m concerned that, for us, this company is a bit too small, but it seems that they have a good product on a solid foundation, and is a company to watch as they continue to grow.

Update: I have been contacted several times by the good folks at Kingdom Tools. Their view on my attempts to contact them is a few phone system issues that have been resolved coupled with bad timing and luck on their part. They also requested that you contact them directly for a couple of details they had given me, so I have honored their wishes in that regard.

Update # 2: In the interest of leaving no stone left unturned, I decided to go through a demo of Kingdom Tools. It is a good product. I didn't care for the interface, but that is one of the easier things to change as time goes on. The database they offer is very customizable, and they seem eager to work with clients to provide a solution that will meet their needs. They have a very creative approach to email forms, and the ability for those emails to update database information is unique, from what I can tell. There were some issues for us in the areas of recording attendance and donations, and it is not the right solution for us, but on the whole Kingdom Tools is worthy of your consideration.

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