Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 1 without TV

This isn't exactly a dramatic travelogue where I am going days through the desert without food and water, but pulling the plug on the tv is not only counter-cultural, it definitely shows how much time we waste in front of it.

Last night I would have sat down after work and watched the world series. That would have cost me 2.5 hours of the evening (got home at 6). No idea what I would have done after the game was over. Instead I did the following:

(1) Cleaned up the living room, packing up the xbox to lend to a friend for the month.
(2) Read Creator and Cosmos and Fingerprint of God, both by Hugh Ross.
(3) Listened to three CD's - Joe Satriani's The Extremist, Sting's Fields of Gold, and Diana Krall's The Girl in the Other Room while I was reading those books.
(4) Practiced piano for 30 minutes or so.

It was weird how much I got done. The real test will be what I do when I am fried. Yesterday I was feeling good when I got home, so it was easy to tackle various things.

I'll keep you posted as the month goes on.



Laurin said...

I'm very interested in this topic - keep us updated! Also, how did it go for Patty and the kids? Laurin

Derek Mangrum said...

I love Hugh Ross' work and everything they are doing over at Reasons.org

It is cool to see others reference his work as well!

TV off, eh? Very interesting idea!