Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 14 of the TV Experiment

We are two weeks in. On the whole it is a great thing. There are definitely times when I wish we had it on, mostly to watch DVD's now. That's the weird thing. Haven't watched the USC or Anaheim Ducks games and haven't missed them. Haven't watched mythbusters, destroyed in seconds, the office or any of the other shows we like. Haven't missed them either. I do imagine that if this was the Formula 1 season I would miss that. Still haven't decided if we are going to turn back on DirecTV at the end of the month, but I'm leaning more and more away from it.

I have more time to read than I can ever remember having. Going without TV has also really highlighted how much we no longer listen to music around the house. Without the TV on, CD's get played more. I really enjoy music, and listening to it in the living room is a far different experience from playing it in the car or listening to it at my desk at work. I love iTunes, but a shuffle of thousands of songs is not the same as putting in a CD and listening to it from start to finish.

I am almost done with another book, I'll post a review when I've finished it.


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