Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Weeks without TV - Patty's Perspective

I have had a few requests to hear from the rest of the family. Here's their take:

Coming from the wife and kids, it’s been good overall. We have transitioned much better than I thought we would. Kids haven’t complained about missing their favorite programs – that is unless you ask them about it. They are needing more attention/direction, but are adapting quite well overall. Fights on way to school are not so bad. I think this is because they can think clearer while getting ready for school.

Since we live in a rural area and can’t get High Speed Internet that is worth our investment in it, I have felt a bit out of touch with what’s happening in the world. Felt lost with regards to the World Series, the November elections, the Healthcare Bill. On the positive side, ignorance is bliss. Just feeling ignorant.

One day when I was doing a lot of cooking preparation, I thought about popping in a DVD or viewing one of my TiVoed programs while I worked. It took awhile to reprogram and put in CDs instead for background to keep the pace. Wondering why silence is so hard to handle.

Thankful for the break from Xbox. When the kids play Xbox a lot, they do seem more aggressive and easily agitated with each other. When we do turn the tv back on, I’d like to make Xbox only on the weekends.

I could go another couple weeks, possibly until school lets out for Christmas break. I don’t think I’d like to do this “cold turkey” thing permanently, but I do feel we use our entertainment center far too much.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing Patty! I was wondering about the needs of the kids and it's good to hear the realism, but positive direction from you! I toy with the idea of turning ours off, and am really following your experiment closely!!