Monday, November 2, 2009

November Unplugged

I called DirecTV this morning and asked them to suspend our service until December 4th. Then I unplugged the tivo and went to work. Today begins a month of no tv, no video games, and no dvd's (we did tell the kids we would not enforce this during our vacation).

It seems that too much of our lives get spent in front of the black box, and we decided that we were going to take a month off and see what life is like without it. To be honest, I'm quite excited about it, even though I will miss game 5 (and 6 and 7 if necessary) of the world series.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of our house change with the tv off. It will be interesting to see what gets done that has been lying undone, sacrificed to the gods of prepackaged entertainment. It will be interesting to see what God does with us during this month as well.

And how much our electric bill drops...


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