Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 10 of the TV Experiment

I didn't blog days 8 and 9 because you really don't need to read about me shopping for a camera on the internet (Monday) and leading a cub scout meeting (Tuesday). The only thing of interest would be reviews of the music I listened to, but I don't think they are good enough to stand on their own...

Today is Veteran's day. We spent the morning working on the heating and air systems in our house, getting the humidifiers and air cleaners working properly again. One of the humidifiers had become a residence to a mouse at some point, and was filled with insulation blocking the fan. That's why we check these things...

I've asked Patty to write up her view of this crazy "month with no tv" experiment, so you should hear from her in the next few days. I might ask the kids to do the same. In the meantime, today I read The Desert Fathers, a book that I found fascinating (review to follow). Patty and Grace were gone for part of the day, which allowed me to put on a little more of "Daddy's Music" :-)

(1) AC/DC - Powerage - Not their best effort by any stretch. An average 70's rock album.
(2) Diana Krall - Live in Paris - My favorite Diana Krall album.
(3) Bond - Shine - Remember Hooked on Classics from the 70's? Classical music to a beat, but not nearly as cheesy as those were.
(4) Genesis - We Can't Dance - The last Genesis studio album that matters (Calling All Stations doesn't count).
(5) Linkin Park - Meteora - A really, really, really great modern hard rock album.
(6) Evanescence - Fallen - A friend of mine handed me a burned copy of this disc years ago. I played it once, loved it so much I ordered the real thing from Amazon. Simply outstanding.

Yesterday rather than watch TV we played "Sorry" as a family, which was fun right up to the point where Jacob ran out of the room crying... On the bright side, it gave me the opportunity to parent him about his attitude, and he seemed to wake up today with the desire to do better on that front.

Still have to lead a bible study tonight and then I'll probably tackle another book. I'll add that to tomorrow's entry if I write one.


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