Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 4 of the TV Experiment

I didn't writeup day 3 because it really wasn't much different than it would have been with the tv on. Last night though was awesome. I got home around 5-ish, and remembered that it was "National Men Make Dinner Day" so I put on Rush: Signals(a longtime favorite album), and started making tacos. Nothing special, but since I didn't remember until I got home, I wasn't prepared to make anything cool. I was going to grill something, but Patty said that was against the rules.

After dinner I sat down and started reading Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. I'll review it in another post but it was an awesome book. Jacob was on the couch reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6) having just finished book five. I'm amazed at how fast he reads, he just started reading Harry Potter at the end of the summer. Now that he's gotten into it and isn't watching TV, he read book five in a little over a week.

Besides the aforementioned Rush album, we listened to:

Huey Lewis & the News: Fore! - Haven't heard this one in a LONG time. Good stuff.

Falco: Greatest Hits - Yes, I'm weird for listening to German pop music, but it made for good background music while I read.

Dave Brubeck: Time Out - An absolute classic. Most known for "take five" but a very good album top to bottom.

Beethoven: Sonaten - Pathétique & Mondschein - To my mind this is THE definitive collection of these piano works. I've never found another recording that, for me, captured the essence and spirit of these pieces. I use this CD as the standard to which I try to match when I play them. Unfortunately, I need to practice a lot more :-)

I'm amazed at how much music we listen to now, and lament how much of our life has been filled with the soundtrack of tv or video games...

We are four days into this experiment and every day our likelihood of turning DirecTV back on at the end of the month diminishes.



Armor and Sword said...

Wow! From Signals to Time out... That is quite a change.

Anonymous said...

This tv experiment thing sounds better and better. Keep it coming - I'm paying attention! Laurin

Patty Lingenfelter said...

Coming from Joel's other half, the music selections are somewhat one-sided. Falco and the harder rock really bug me! If put to an equal opportunity listening choice, I don't think we'd be listening to say, Whitney Houston. ;-) - Patty